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The ingredients were carefully selected according to their anti-cellulite properties which will directly act upon the undesired body fat stocked around your belly, your belt and your buttocks.
Furthermore, thanks to its revolutionary formula, which is also totally safe and exclusive, your skin will be firm again, just like when you were young!

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Thanks to AdelgaFit, you will progressively lose the undesired body fat in a healthy and natural way.
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About AdelgaFit
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You can not use or reproduce any part of this website, including the images and the text, without first asking for our authorization. AdelgaFit is not a product that diagnoses, treats or cures health issues. Those who tried AdelgaFit and gave their testimonial had very good results with it. However, we cannot forget that each one of us is unique. The results will not be the same for everybody.