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Security and privacy policies

All the information given by our customers remains totally confidential. The data-gathering and its treatment is securely done in order to prevent any loss or deliberate data modification.

Intelidus does not disclose or sell its customers data. All the information is treated as confidential. Access to that information is restricted. Furthermore, it is only used to help the customer, to treat his order, in particular its payment, shipping and after-sales service.

The customers have the right to access, correct and delete inaccuracies in their personal information and privacy preferences at any time. If the customer wishes, at any time, to have his information removed from our database, he will just have to ask us by sending us an e-mail.

Intelidus is registered at the National Data Protection Comission.






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You can not use or reproduce any part of this website, including the images and the text, without first asking for our authorization. AdelgaFit is not a product that diagnoses, treats or cures health issues. Those who tried AdelgaFit and gave their testimonial had very good results with it. However, we cannot forget that each one of us is unique. The results will not be the same for everybody.