Hello, I have lost 19 pounds without much effort! I just followed the advice given on this webpage. - Kris Manui            I am totally satisfied with AdelgaFit! - Isabela Porter          Thank you very much. - David Davies


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We receive thousands of e-mails and letters everyday from our customers proving the success of AdelgaFit when it comes to losing our excess pounds.
As asked by those who gave us their testimonial, we took out their name as well as their e-mail. These testimonials were transcribed as they were received by us.

Do not hesitate to send us your testimonial. We want to publish it!

"Hello guys! Up to some months ago, I was not very fond of those natural products, neither of those treatments based on that kind of products. I simply ignored that kind of treatments. To tell you the truth I didn't know much of it as I had always tried to lose weight with the help of a nutritionnist. She would give me some diet programs that I had to totally respect if I wanted to lose weight. Months went by and I didn't lose much weight and that's the reason why I went looking for another solution to my problem. I heard about your product ans I bought it without really believing in it. After 21 days, I had lost 19 pounds. I was so happy! I lost 19 pounds without many efforts. All I did was following the advice given here. I have to lose more weight and I will keep on taking AdelgaFit to achieve my goals. It will be so great if I had some special discount!?"

"Hey! My name is Katryna and I'm one of your customer. I'd like to give my testimonial about this product. I had to lose weight because of some back issues. I have some health issues. I couldn't use any diet pills as my doctor told me. Eating has always been one of my hobbies. I tried to have some strict diet but it has always been a problem for me. I was getting desperate, but then my husband saw your website. We wanted to try it and that's what we did. Today, I'm pretty satisfied! Since I started taking AdelgaFit, I have already lost 35 lbs. I now have a healthier life. I'm totally satisfied with the risk I took! "

"I'm a guy and it has been a little hard for me to lose some weight. I heard about your product from a friend of mine who was also taking it. She placed an order for me and since I started taking it I have felt some improvement. I feel better. Now, I eat a lot less than I ate before. I have lost 9 lbs. Thanks to all of you."

"Hey. Everybody would like to lose 40 lbs in 21 days. I wanted to lose that weight in that period of time. I bought your product and, thanks to it, I lost 18 lbs. I like my belly much better now. Now I can use clothes that I hadn't used in years! I'm very happy about it. It's so good to know that my friends want a belly just like mine. I feel much better about myself! My mom who didn't believe in that kind of products has just started taking it too and I has already started losing some weight. I just love your product! :) "



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